Galaxy Sala Futsal Ball | DRB®
Galaxy Sala Futsal Ball | DRB®
Galaxy Sala Futsal Ball | DRB®
Galaxy Sala Futsal Ball | DRB®

Galaxy Sala Futsal Ball | DRB®

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INDOOR SIZE 4 BALL - The ball combines both excelent low bounce, softness and air retention, making it great for amateur and professional indoor practice and competition. This size 4 sport ball is perfect for all ages.

STRONG CONSTRUCTION - The industry standard butyl bladder filled with polyester fibers ensures better air retention, preserves the shape of the ball and assures a low controlled bounce. The hand-sewn synthetic leather cover improves the ball´s softness, bounce and durability.

LONG-LASTING - The thick PU cover is designed to resist abrasion and last longer, giving great control and grip to the player. It´s 4 layers increase the ball´s softness, giving it a more responsive feel.

SMOOTH HANDLING- Unlike many ultra-solid pro athlete soccer balls, the PVC-PU manufactured DRB GALAXY ball is smooth to handle and easy to control, decreasing the chance of injury, poor traction and error.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - All DRB DRIBBLING products come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It's always our goal to provide you with the best sport equipment you need. We stand behind the quality of our Futsal Soccer Ball. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about our products, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll asist you!

Sport - Futsal Soccer
Size - N°4
Color - Yellow/White/Orange (Ball) - Yellow and black, White and black, Orange and black (Pump)
Material - PU, PVC, Butyl
Panels - 32
Stitching - Hand-sewn
Category - Training
Item Diameter - 7.9 in - 20.3 cm
Item Weight - 14.1-15.5 oz - 400-440 grs

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