Cup Shin Guards | DRB®
Cup Shin Guards | DRB®

Cup Shin Guards | DRB®

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DRB DRIBBLING Shin Guards Cup Pair for Pack - Junior Football Canisters Pads for Training & Practice, a Protective Equipment with Adjustable It is Straps Lightweight and Breathable Size M. These DRB soccer shin guards help you stay there. Offering a formidable defense in a lightweight package, they have tough shields that match the contours of your shin for enhanced comfort and effectiveness. On the back, molded EVA cushioning wicks moisture to keep you dry. Compression sleeves keep everything in place.


1. Children's leg bones are fragile. Long-time force hits will influence bone growth. 2. The shin guards pads are great to reduce collision pain while soccer training, which helps improve kids' training positivity and interests.


Unlike others, soccer protective gear stays in Place after longtime use Heavy-Bottomed EVA Lining for soft touching and impact-reducing Durable and Tough PP outer Shell are more durable for long time collision Double Stretchable Strap increase stability and adjustability Easy Maintain


Easy Cleaning, Wash with Water Air Holes for Great Breathability, Much More Comfortable for Long Time Practice Protect Your Child From Harm In All Directions Give children a safe protect while they are playing happily

DRB Description:

  • Material: Pvc / Eva rubber
  • Sold by: Pair for pack
  • Characteristics: Wrist with velcro
  • Color: Black
  • Use: Training
  • Size: Medium
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