Simple Mouthguard | DRB®
Simple Mouthguard | DRB®

Simple Mouthguard | DRB®

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OPTIMAL COMFORT AND PROTECTION - The DRB Mouthguards are moldeable to ensure a precise fit for guaranteed retention and comfort. The thick cushioning base and sides absobs shock adn distributes the power of the impact evenly, preventing damage to lips, teeth and gums.

CUSTOMIZABLE – Each mouthguard can be adapted to fit a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes & mouth shapes. To fit, simply put your new DRB Mouthguard in hot water for 30 seconds to soften the material. Remove the guard from the water carefully with the help of a spoon or fork, quickly place it inside your mouth and apply pressure to it for a while. Once it cools, take it out from. The guard will have copied the shape of your teeth, making it fit perfectly and comfortably.

SAFETY & HEALTH: The DRB Mouthguards are made of food grade Polyolefin Elastomer. They are BPA, Latex, and PVC FREE. This moldable and soft material provides extra comfort and perfect fit inside your mouth.

MOUTH GUARD CASE INCLUDED. A mouth guard case is included for convenient storage. You can keep your teeth protector clean and easily carry it with you anywhere.

GREAT FOR CONTACT SPORTS: This mouthguard is an excelent protection accesory for hockey, football, boxing, basketball, martial arts, MMA, wrestling, lacrosse, american football, rugby and any other contact sport.


Ages - Junior (6-14)
Color - Transparent
Material - Food Grade Silicone
Category - Training, Competition
General Dimensions (LxWxH) - 1.9x2.1x0.6in - 4.7x5.3x1.5 cm

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