Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®
Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®
Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®
Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®
Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®
Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®
Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®

Field Hockey Kit | Simbra®

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This kit includes: Hockey Stick N° 34, N°35,N° 36.5 or N°37.5 + Pair of Shin Guards Flick size S + Backpack Simbra Classic + Field Hockey Practice Ball + Mouthguard Jr or Sr.

Its a complete kit, to guarantee a safe Field Hockey practice.



Simbra Stick EVO 2000: This stick is made of 80% fiberglass and 20% carbon. Great stick for high-training.

Backpack Simbra Classic

COLORFUL & UNIVERSAL BACKPACK - The Simbra Colors Field Hockey Backpacks is suitable for all ages.

EASY TO CARRY SHOULDER EQUIPMENT BACKPACK- Pack up your field hockey accessories inside this colorful backpack. The ergonomic design of the strap eases the transport to the training and game field.

SPACIOUS STORAGE - The bag has a 22 liter (744 fl oz) main compartment and on the outside, a large pocket, ideal for separating clean clothes from dirty ones and shoes or for carrying accesories and personal belongings. The backpack is equipped with a lateral stick holder and a side net pocket for water bottle and shin guards.

PERFECT SPORTS GIFT - This single stick backpack is ideal for trainers, goalkeepers, team players, or any amateur field hockey-fan!

Flick Shin Guard:

Soft and lightweight, made of reinforced PVC, will guarantee and excellent protection during practices and games. Only available in S size.



Available in Jr or Sr size. 

Made of non toxic polimer. Essential at every practice.


Field Hockey Ball:

Ideal for training. Made of cork and rubber and covered with resistance plastic.

Available in pink color.


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