JR Unibody 2.0 Goggles | Hydro
JR Unibody 2.0 Goggles | Hydro
JR Unibody 2.0 Goggles | Hydro
JR Unibody 2.0 Goggles | Hydro

JR Unibody 2.0 Goggles | Hydro

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PERFECT FOR TRAINIG AND COMPETING- The Hydro Unibody 2.0 are the perfect pair of swimming goggles for pro and amateur training and competition. Designed with comfort and quality in mind, they are not only intended for the pool, but also for open water swimming, surfing, kayaking and other water related sports.

ANTI-FOG + UV SHIELD - The Unibody goggles are coated with an anti-fog layer that prevents fog build-up, providing clear underwater vision for the best experience! NOTE: Do not wipe the inside of the goggle lens with fingers, or it will damage anti-fog function. The UV Shield provides protection from UV rays, safeguarding your eyes.

SOFT, COMFORTABLE & LEAKPROOF - Soft silicone gaskets rest comfortably within the eye sockets, creating a perfect seal that won’t leak and never leaves red marks around the eyes. The higher silicone nose bridge is designed so as not to cause pain to your nose.

EASY TO ADJUST & WEAR - The combination of a toothed strap and an adjustment clip makes fitting and tightening a super easy task! The clip allows to adjust the goggles in seconds without pulling the hair and prevents the strap from loosening.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - All Hydro products come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It's always our goal to provide you with the best sport equipment you need. We stand behind the quality of our Unibody JR 2.0 Swimming Goggles. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about our products, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll asist you!


Brand - Hydro
Ages - Junior (3-14)
Color - Black, Grey, Red, Blue
Material - PC (lens), Silicone (headband, nose bridge)
Category - Training, Competition
Head Circumference - 18-22 in - 46-56 cm
Nose Bridge - 0.78 in - 2 cm
Lens Dimensions (LxW) - 1.6x1.1 in - 4x2.8 cm
General Dimensions (LxWxH) - 5.7x1.4x1.4 in - 14.5x3.5x3.5

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