Evo Pro 9000 Field Hockey Stick | Simbra®
Evo Pro 9000 Field Hockey Stick | Simbra®
Evo Pro 9000 Field Hockey Stick | Simbra®

Evo Pro 9000 Field Hockey Stick | Simbra®

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Simbra®Field Hockey stick is the most valuable part of your equipment, since it contributes greatly to your performance. The most important thing when you are purchasing a hockey stick is to know your level of play and your position in the team. Aside from that, you should pay attention on these features: size, bow, material, and toe design.

⭐Proper Design:-

💫Short – Offensive players use these at most times, as it offers them options when it comes to control, maneuvers and balance.
💫Midi – Used by midfielders and beginners, these allow for the same level of agility when playing, while offering a larger hitting surface. These are preferred by newer players and midfielders, who find them easier to perform with.
💫Maxi – Defensive players usually choose maxi toes, as they offer them a wider surface intended for receiving and striking the ball.
💫Hook – When it comes to ball control, utilizing better drag-flicks and making reverse stick plays, there is no better than the hook toe. They have the extra surface area that makes this possible.

⭐Stick Material Affects Your Performance:-

Sticks used to be made solely out of wood combination of fiberglass. Fiberglass adds durability, power, and feael to a stick, and it is also lighter and not so expensive. At the same time, it is designed for young, new, or developing players. Aramid absorbs vibrations sent through the stick when striking and receiving balls.

⭐Item Specifications :-

✔️Material: 90% Carbon - 10% Fiberglass
✔️Sold by: Unit
✔️Long: 36.5"
✔️Finish: Matte
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